Email Activation problems

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Email Activation problems

Post by jpcw2 »

Wondering if a moderator can help me. I tried changing my email address but never got my reactivation email. Re-requested it several times but still nothing. I suspect it is because of my email address format, I'm using what's called a +(Plus) address that automatically directs any email to an appropriate folder, ie but I think the forum does not like the +. Unfortunately I can't even get to my profile to change back to my old email address anymore so had to create a new account to post this.

Can someone fix up my old account (JPCW) for me?

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Email Activation problems

Post by Andrew »

I've activated your JPCW account. Had a small glitch with the email system this morning.

PM Sent.


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Email Activation problems

Post by jpcw »

Great thanks for that Andrew. I've been away from the forums for a while and was starting to develop withdrawal symptoms :)
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