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Kia Soul Ev 100 miles Quick charge

Posted: Mon, 13 Oct 2014, 17:52
by marty11
Hi! Just noticed this one ...100 miles actual range, variety of charge options including 60miles in 30 minutes..

Heres the link.. what do you think?

the link is

ps.. there wasnt an option for Kia in productin vehicles.. posted here hoping for another brand option in that section?

Cheers.. marty Kia Soul 100 mile Quick charge

Kia Soul Ev 100 miles Quick charge

Posted: Tue, 14 Oct 2014, 02:11
by g4qber
nice, but not coming to Australia ... yet

mentioned by Gabz on ozleaf forum

and check out the battery warranty
10years / 100k miles

reminds me of Goldstar (LG) video recorder though.
Unknown Korean companies try to entice buyers with more warranty than other brands.

somehow the other brands already have quality control under their belt and don't have to market how reliable they are cos they are already that reliable anyway
but with the new comer, reliability may be an issue, hence putting it in writing.

with my Goldstar VHS the audio was muffled and clunky, when compared with something like a National Panasonic or Sharp.

this is like some products marketting that they are 4% fat free
when the product is already 4% fat free anyway in the past, just that it has not been promoted as such

Kia Soul Ev 100 miles Quick charge

Posted: Tue, 14 Oct 2014, 02:24
by reecho
No way Kia will bring it here....needs to be more demand first.

Kia in Oz now have a 777 warranty.

I own a couple year old Sportage. Great bus with no major issues...