Electri conversions

Technical discussion on converting internal combustion to electric
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Electri conversions

Post by Simon SOROKINE »

Hi everybody,
I've just acquired a vehicle to convert to electric. It is a Holden combo vane which l think will be suitable for that purpose
My intention is to fit a DC motor with 144 volts batteries set. I'll be very grateful if l could get help to get started with that project
I am open to any sugestions regarding the design and iam particularly interested in having a resonable range rather than performance. Beimg in the country (Manjimup) would a kit be the way to go?
Thanking you all. Regads, Simon
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Electri conversions

Post by Thalass »

Hey Simon.

Here is a conversion of a Holden Combo Van that was done in Queensland that might help you out for comparison and all that.

I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.
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