EV Gauges?

Technical discussion on converting internal combustion to electric
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EV Gauges?

Post by CometBoy »

I’m in the market for EV gauges for the current conversion.

I was looking at the combined TBS E-Xpert Pro Battery Fuel Gauge from EV Motors but was wondering if anyone knows of other options readily available. (Have also looked at the Curtis range)

My wish list!

I would like something clearly readable in full sun and would like separate displays for the functions rather than having to push buttons for the various functions. I also want a common appearance, hence not meters mixed with digital displays.

Also any tips on digital speedos that might suit would be greatly appreciated. I have machined a pickup/sensor disc on the motor/gearbox coupler for such a device but am have problems finding anything off the shelf. Looks like I will need to build one....


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EV Gauges?

Post by antiscab »

Hi Bruce,
try a cycle analyst, www.evpower.com.au sells them aswell.
ive been using one on my bike for the past year.
many many features.
you will need to source a bigger shunt than what evpower has though.

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EV Gauges?

Post by a4x4kiwi »

For the pickup you might like to look at the inductive pickup I have used from http://www.automationdirect.com.au/. See my blog fro details.

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