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Power steering?

Posted: Sat, 19 Jul 2008, 22:55
by commanda
Hello all, noobie to this forum. Just perusing cars for sale looking for a candidate for future conversion. If a car had power steering, is it necessary to retain it. If so, how difficult is it. If it can be removed (technically and legally), what's involved?


Power steering?

Posted: Sun, 20 Jul 2008, 01:36
by acmotor
Hi Amanda, welcome.

As I read NCOP14, if a vehicle was fitted with power steering at manufacture then it must continue to have same functional power steering.

If there was a version of that model that had non power steering you can swap the steering box / rack.
Be aware that an EV is often heavy so power steering is desirable.

You can modify the steering to an electric power steering unit. New Yaris and Lexus and probably some others have these.
This will be examined very closely at inspection time as it is a major mod !

You can buy electric power steering pumps (I'm told), never seen one.

You can mount a separate small motor to run the PS pump and aircond, as I am doing.

Just operating the steering without hydraulic boost from pump will not be acceptable. (It will also be heavier than the non power version as the ratio is lower).

Power steering?

Posted: Sun, 20 Jul 2008, 05:07
by woody
Welcome Amanda,

another way to keep power steering is to get an electric power steering pump. The toyota MR2 has one, which I think will work with just about any normal (hydraulic) power steering.

Other cars with pure electric power steering include the Holden Combo, and therefore possibly other Opel based cars like the ~2002 barina & astra.

If you decide to go for manual steering, rear wheel drives are nicer, e.g. Escorts and early Corollas & Coronas. I've driven a front wheel drive without factory power steering (89 Laser), and it was awfully heavy.

You can also do things like fit skinny tyres and pump them up more to make manual steering lighter.


Power steering?

Posted: Sun, 20 Jul 2008, 23:01
by AirAg
I am converting a 88 Toyota Corolla and I picked it because it does not have power steering and my mum has one and she has no worries handling it. I am driving it around while waiting for my parts to arrive and it handles fine. I calculate it will be about the same weight when finished and perhaps a bit lighter in the front.
This canadian site sells an electric pump but did not respond to any of my enquiries. ... ngKit.html
these posts discussed the use of MR2 pumps but the technical talk scared me off.
Hope that helps

Power steering?

Posted: Mon, 21 Jul 2008, 13:38
by Haakon
Power steering is dead easy to keep - just strap this onto any hydraulic OE system; ... 638Q2em122

Pick one up locally at any Holden wrecker Image

Power steering?

Posted: Tue, 02 Dec 2008, 07:29
by oldvanman
Good morning,

I bought an Astra Power Steering Pump at the wreckers for $200. They only had one. I have been trying to find what the pins on the plug are without damaging it. Has anyone played with one yet?


Power steering?

Posted: Tue, 02 Dec 2008, 19:15
by Jeff Owen
Keep trying Canadian EVs. They are very good to deal with when you can get through to them. They do seem to misplace emails on occasions and I have ended up phoning them instead.