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Clutch and Aux Battery Question

Posted: Mon, 23 Jun 2008, 00:24
by CometBoy
I am in the final planning stages of a MightBoy conversion (using a 72volt D & D SepEx conversion from the US) is there any wisdom in still using the clutch and putting up with the extra weight? I would have thought only say 4th and reverse would be the only gears needed for 99% of the driving? Any first hand experience out there??

Also, does anyone know if the separate Acc battery (required in South Australia I believe) for lights, wiper etc must be charged during the driving of the vehicle (via a small alternator) or is it fine just to charge it at the same time as the main motor bank?

Thanks All....

Clutch and Aux Battery Question

Posted: Mon, 23 Jun 2008, 02:34
by acmotor
Most people lose the clutch. Contact Rod at he has a mighty boy.

The intent of the regulation (in WA at least) is that the aux power 12V must be a battery independent from the traction battery although it can be charged from the traction battery. Rather obvious in a way, so lights indicators, hazards etc still work even if the main traction battery (system) has a fault. This 12V aux battery should have a reserve time of say 30 minutes with lights on. (can't see a number in the reg. but once again this is what an ICE that is ADR'ed would have.
The NCOP14 DOES NOT require the traction battery to be isolated electrically from the aux battery, just that the aux battery can operate essential vehicle systems on it's own.