Electric Yamaha FZR-E Conversion

Technical discussion on converting internal combustion to electric
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Electric Yamaha FZR-E Conversion

Post by HAS E-motorsport » Fri, 13 Jun 2008, 08:09

Hello I am new here, i am a ev-enthusiast, i have converted a conventional motorbike into electric drive.

Specs: Yamaha FZR250 now FZR-Electric
Top speed: around 75kmhr
range: around 30km
System Voltage: 48V
Controller: alltrax 48-72V 450A controller
Batts: Exide Orbital AGM 50Ah deep cycle lead acid
Drive system: direct drive will change to 14 driven, 70 rear
Charger: still looking maybe buy one for each to keep all batteries exactly recharged.

youtube search Australian electric motorbike.

if anyone needs some assistance in EV-motorbike related things i can help (questions). Also if anyone wishes to convert motorcycle, car, scooter a very good reference is evalbum.com

Also i am having trouble posting my picture from my computer onto this message if anyone knows pls help.

One more thing if anyone is interested making there vehicle into hybrid using hydrogen to improve fuel efficiency and cut cost of fuel by a least 15-25%, i can explain how it works. i will install a hybrid hydrogen into all our four cars at home to increase there range and dramatically drop the cost in fuel. by the way no to very little vehicle modification to implement system.

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Electric Yamaha FZR-E Conversion

Post by a4x4kiwi » Fri, 13 Jun 2008, 08:36


Welcome to the forums. I watched the video. Well done on the conversion.

Regarding the charger, I have an SLA charger (48v, 5A) that you might be interested in. It would take about 10 hours to charge from dead flat. Let me know if you are interested in it and I will work out a price. It is brand new and unused in a nice aluminium case that would probably fit somewhere on the bike.

Check out the post about battery balancing in my blog (see sig) to ensure maximum life of your batteries.

I will PM you regarding the Hydrogen as I plan to do this on my Vitara.


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Electric Yamaha FZR-E Conversion

Post by juk » Fri, 13 Jun 2008, 17:13

<duty of care> Be real careful when you wire up the hydrogen. I had a sticky relay once, which didn't power down when it should have. If this happens to you, we'll be able to watch footage of the explosion on the news. I'd use double redundancy on the relay, and also run the relay feed from switched power from the ignition switch and put a manual kill on it and over current protection on the cell feed. </duty of care>

HAS E-motorsport
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Electric Yamaha FZR-E Conversion

Post by HAS E-motorsport » Sat, 14 Jun 2008, 19:05

Thanks for the tip, also i have talked to other people who do not know much about the the topic but have also looked into it say, that it will affect the compression rate and so can damage your car is this so?

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Electric Yamaha FZR-E Conversion

Post by antiscab » Sat, 14 Jun 2008, 20:29

yes, hydrogen has many properties that arent friendly towards engines.
Its less stable (much much lower octane, around 40) so its far more prone to predetonation...its on par with putting diesel in your fuel tank. Of course this problem can be overcome with correct tuning/modifications.

Hydrogen also causes most metals to become brittle over time, so this reduces the service life of every component in your engine that comes in contact with it.

hydrogen is almost impossible to store, and no matter the storage/transport method you use, it will always leak, of course usually the leak isnt significant enough to be a hazard, rather more of an efficiency drain.

out of curiostity, where are you getting the hydrogen from??


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