Philip Hortin's AC motorcycle

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Philip Hortin's AC motorcycle

Post by Mesuge »

Hi, are there any news from Philip Hortin (Perth, WA) about his nice AC
motorcycle conversion based on Danfoss VLT drive, I wrote him few months
ago, but no reply, I'm a bit worried is he ok?

1995 Suzuki GN 250 ~ 336V VDC @ 7.2Ah Gel Pb
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Philip Hortin's AC motorcycle

Post by Andrew »

Yeah his conversion is coming along. He's just got a bigger Danfoss controller running on the beast from what I know.
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Philip Hortin's AC motorcycle

Post by AdelaideSparky »

I am only new to the EV arena - so please feel free to correct me (please).

In NCOP13 (Feb06) it says that electric drives cannot be fitted to motorbikes or trikes.
Do I have an old copy of NCOP13 or did he get special exemption?
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