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Source of air condition parts?

Posted: Sat, 08 Mar 2008, 09:27
by Mesuge
Hi, a4x4kiwi and several other members posted their plans to hack air condition into their conversions, in my geo location this is not necessary, but as I've seen the recent climate change models this might quickly change for the worse here as well..

Anyway, here is an interesting $10 ebayish hack, parts sourced from
115VAC water cooler (perhaps from office "watertower" ?):

pictures and more details: ... 518876045/ ... 518876045/ ... 518876045/

More on this Electric '94 Mitsubishi (and other conversion): ... 518876045/

The author (id TexomaEV) hangs out on the forum..

He is also test/building "replacement" 12V modules out of LionEV lithium 3.2V@10-200Ah cells, with novel coroplast thingy to spead up the diy ordeal..