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Drive coupling

Posted: Mon, 21 Jan 2008, 22:04
by Mark T
I'm in the middle of my first EV conversion and wanted to know if anyone has come across a drive coupling to go between an Advanced dc motor and a Suzuki Carry van input shaft. I'm not using a clutch a would like to know if I need some form of flexible coupling or just weld the old clutch center into a drive flange?

Drive coupling

Posted: Mon, 25 Feb 2008, 23:33
by Barry Murfett

I must be at the same stage as you but not a Suzuki. No I don't know of a coupling for Suzuki.

I am building my own coupling with some help. My plan is to remove the friction material from a clutch plate and then bolt the remainder of the clucth plate to a purpose made mini fly wheel (which goes on the motor). This will retain the use of the springs in the clutch plate centre and use the spline of the clutuch plate on the gear box shaft.