1984 Honda Civic?

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1984 Honda Civic?

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Hi everyone,

I may have the opportunity to purchase a 1984 Honda Civic 2 door quite cheap (around $100 hopefully). It's got about 1 month rego on it (NSW) but should pass inspection in which case I'd have 12 months rego.

Would you consider this to be a good candidate for conversion?

The primary goal for the conversion is as a town runabout (medium size country town), max speed of 60kph acceptable as the town is 50kph anyway and my EVT 168 is fine with that. A range of 30km would be acceptable in this scenario as the scooter can go about that far (it's hilly here and I only ever have the throttle pegged, I don't ride it with battery conservation in mind).

But (there's always a but), if it's not too much of a stretch a secondary goal would be 30km range at 100kph. I would anticipate a few hours charge at the end before the return trip.

I couldn't come at spending more than $10K on this in total if I was to go ahead so I would be trying to source a second hand forklift motor, perhaps a rebuilt Curtis or similar controller and considering a bank of individual 12V chargers to relieve balance issues (though I've got PowerCheq's on my scooter and they're good). I have a preference towards VRSLA, but would consider floodies if the price difference was significant enough.

Would it be possible to obtain a weighbridge ticket after doing the conversion and, provided that came in at or below the GVM listed on the rego papers, just renew the registration without obtaining an engineering certificate? I realise the batteries need to be mounted securely etc, but really, if the weight has not changed and it passes a pink slip inspection what more can they want? An engineering certificate presents a few issues because of my location (5 hours drive from North Sydney). I think the nearest RTA engineering place is just over 1 hour drive.

Another possible option (though this seems remote) would be to buy a Reva though considering the bureaucracy in this country I'm not holding my breath. There is the clown car aspect too which SWMBO may not appreciate. The car would be for her to drive, two wheels is good, four wheels bad IMO Image

A final option would be to try (again) to buy the Mighty Boy which has been converted some years ago but is languishing, barely used in the front yard of a local business. Last time they weren't interested in selling, but no harm in asking again.

Any advice anyone can offer, gratefully accepted.

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