Calb cell pack unhealthy

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Calb cell pack unhealthy

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Seems soon I will have a bunch of CALB cells from a pair of Vectrix's. And at least some of the cells are bad. That's all I know at the moment.

Now to the questions. My goal is to:
a) get one Vectrix running reliably with as much range as it can handle.
b) if there are enough remaining cells, look at creating a home storage battery for capturing solar and using it locally rather than exporting. This is a "nice to have" only and if it gets too hard I'll just ignore.

That said I have some background in electronics, I've made my own MIDI controllers and PCBs. But it's all been low voltage stuff. Anything with high voltage gives me pause.

I'd prefer to pay someone to just do that part for me. But if it starts getting expensive I'll look at learning enough to re-balance the pack and weed out bad cells myself. I'm based in Sydney. Does anyone do that sort of thing in Sydney?
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Re: Calb cell pack unhealthy

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How many cells and what Ah do you expect to have left over? Not over complicated to build a 24v battery pack and 24v 5kva inverter/chargers with a built in 80 amp MPPT controller are cheap enough and they can be linked together to build the capacity you require. Around 12mths back we built a 10kva set up with 10kw of solar and a big battery pack that was for a 5 bedroom 5 family holiday house that was completely off grid. If you were going to use the grid as a backstop, the battery pack could be a lot smaller to start and build it up as you go.

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