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Battery Replacement - MX-5

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Re: Battery Replacement - MX-5

Post by CZal »

Thanks Adverse,

Yes will ask others.... I've had to pull the price down as the US vendor is saying the cars are getting to be $5k - $8k more expensive at the auctions as they're getting more popular.
Will do final negotiation when ready to buy, still hoping to get the same price if quick enough...
Either way though, it's still the best per kWh cost in batteries, and for me the size/weight saving is worth the effort.

I do wish I could find these in China as shipping from China is essentially free... Not the same from the US or Europe unfortunately...

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Adverse Effects
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Re: Battery Replacement - MX-5

Post by Adverse Effects »

yep shipping from USA is ludicrously stupid a few years ago i wanted to get a high end chair base from usa the base was $475USD and the shipping was going to be just short of $700 you can bet i didnt bother getting it
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Re: Battery Replacement - MX-5

Post by mikedufty »

Is it cheaper if you go via somewhere else from the US? I replaced a motorcycle exhaust a few years ago. There were heaps available 2nd hand in the USA, but the shipping cost was ridiculous. Finally found one at a wreckers in Ireland, with very cheap shipping, but when it turned up it appeared to be from a US model. Total cost was less that shipping from the US, so I assume it was imported cheaply to Ireland at some point.

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