Are these batteries EV worthy

How do you store and manage your electricity?
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Are these batteries EV worthy

Post by moemoke »

I may have posted this before but I cannot find it.
They are Fiamm Monolite 12V 100Ah
Battery Link

The reason I ask is I might have a contact who can
get some for a reasonable price.
They are used as an emergency back up but the company replaces them
every few years for safety reasons.
Can they be charged with a normal batt charger or do they need something different, ie voltage regulated charger?

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Are these batteries EV worthy

Post by Johny »

They look pretty good electrically. Although they don't specify deep cycle 4.4mOhm is good for PbA.
I reckon a smartish Lead acid charger would be OK as they only specify maximum charge current and don't "go to town" about it.

They are very heavy though.
These weigh 41kg for a 100Ah. Seems too heavy for EV use (IMO). You would be looking at just under 500kg for a 144V 100AH (14.4kW) system. About 40% more than usual (for lead acid).

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Are these batteries EV worthy

Post by lithbattboss »

These Fiamm batteries are a Standby power/UPS application battery. They are quite uncommon in Australia and I have only seen them fitted in one UPS installation which was a telco company. They are designed specifically to be left on float charge and aren't designed to be regularly deep discharged. They would work well in an EV though are very heavy as previously noted.
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