How important is this Plug system

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How important is this Plug system

Post by Goombi »

Installed a Plug for a Battery charger in the petrol filler area.
Couldn't use existing filler hole because there was nothing to protect the wiring or the plug itself. Decided to place the plug vertically and the end of the plug facing the inside (just a little panel beating to straighten the face for the plug) .. now its safe and easy to service
Please note 2 control switches.. One is to activate the air fan for Battery box and the other is reverse type to deactivate the main starting switch-- while the batteries are being charged and the and the fuel lid open. All wiring is in hevy conduit and well protected from any cabin traffic.

Another problem solved...

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How important is this Plug system

Post by acmotor »

Nice interlock arrangement.
Are the switches waterproof ? This is a wet area.

Don't forget to connect the vehicle chassis firmly to the mains earth pin and use an RCD (either the house one or a special one in the extension cord) as per AS3000.

There may be some concern from a sparky that there is no IP55 flap directly over the power plug. If this arises then fit a loose seal around the fuel filler cover, or perhaps fit a dummy socket (like a fuel cap).
It was good that you mounted the plug vertically so water drains off. I have seen the caravan type plugs mounted at an angle so they collect water.
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How important is this Plug system

Post by KinkaPalmsMotel »

Looks pretty sweet. Agree about the "wet area" comments, but it looks like you have probably already got this covered.
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