tesla s 4 door

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tesla s 4 door

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sparau wrote:
I usually get annoyed at form over function kinda things but i will forgive Tesla on that one just cause they make cars that look cool rather than ugly boxes like other manufacturers.

Weren't Tesla and Lotus were partnered in making the EVs? Thats probably why it looks cool. Tesla Roadster looks like an Elise from the back.

Also what was said about the garages is a big issue in the EV world anyway. EVs becoming the norm means many Mechanical Engineers (involved with ENGINE design and service, not chassis) lose their jobs and instead Electrical Engineers would be more in demand.
I'm studying at UWA and I wanna know why Mechanical, Oil and Gas Engineering are still the most popular majors. Shouldn't the studying, future engineers be training in areas of new technology? Or at least something that will keep them employed for more than 10-15 years?

Its a university!! New development and research, no?

Anyway, I'd buy the 4-door Tesla if I could.
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tesla s 4 door

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yep, the Tesla is an electric Elise
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tesla s 4 door

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The Tesla and the Elise aren't the same car, the Tesla is based on and inspired by the Lotus, but apparently they share maybe four parts total.

I'd wait to see how the actual S looks before I decide.
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tesla s 4 door

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Gow864 wrote: Ouch.... Broken Tesla

I wonder if the wreckers would sell the batteries??

Yes exactly !!   Image   It would be worth buying the whole wreck - lots of parts would be salvageable / re-usable.
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tesla s 4 door

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I like this style. Image
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tesla s 4 door

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Mike.zzf Why aren't there any prices on your web site? Even indicative prices would be better than none.

Or are you another.. "well email me for a price" vendor?

I can get prices on-line for every single part required for an EV conversion, in most cases I can order it, pay for it, then sit back and wait for it to arrive (no email required). That is until it comes to LiFePO4 batteries, and every vendor whitters on about why they can't put prices on their web site. apart from electricmotorsport who happily list prices for their TS cells.

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tesla s 4 door

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I have created a thread EVPST in the suppliers + parts forum for EVPST discussion :-)
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