AEVA bulk purchase of EVs

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AEVA bulk purchase of EVs

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Considering the coming releases of EVs in Australia (I believe the Mitsubishi is going to be the first cab off the rank), I wonder if it would be possible for AEVA to contact the manufacturers with the view to arranging a bulk purchase?

The advantages for the members would be a discount in the price, making it more affordable.

The advantages for the companies would be many fold:

- Guaranteed up-front purchases
- Added exposure of the vehicles right from the initial release.
- Added exposure means added sales.
- Official support from _The_ Australian EV association

As far as I can see, everyone would be a winner here!

I imagine that an official from AEVA would have to make the approaches to have any power, but, maybe there are members who have contacts within the companies...




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AEVA bulk purchase of EVs

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Hi Karl,

We have done group buys in the past, particularly for components that would have a significant variance in price from what an individual could buy from a retailer, and what a group could buy from a factory. eg, thundersky batteries.

The group buys are usually handled by individual members of the organisation, rather than the organisation itself.

perhaps when a major manufacturer built ev is brought to the market, then we might be able to look into a group buy.

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AEVA bulk purchase of EVs

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I'd be interested in a group buy if one is planned.
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