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My kids are totally obsessed with the new family EV. Both them and their schools want me to bring it in for show and tell.

I'm keen to fit this into the curriculum as best I can for a 5yo preschooler and a 9yo primary schooler.

For the preschooler I was thinking of getting the kids involved in what they think a charger should look like. This would involve making a fake electric car charger out of recycled materials.

For the primary schooler I could bring in my assortment of panels and batteries to demonstrate the principle of how I could charge from the sun (I don't have enough portable equipment to actually charge).

Any ideas of activities I could do?

Many thanks

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Re: School/Preschool

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I think playing with electric motors is always a good start. For the more advanced students you can try and build an electric motor, but that might be getting closer to a junior high school level. Check out the science centres / Australian Geographic for kits and the like.
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Re: School/Preschool

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After a session at questacon we bought a bunch of cheap motors and batteries and wires from Jaycar and our kids make things with them together with scrap paper + card, blue tack etc.

Some good car ideas here: ... -for-kids/

You could add an accelerator to some of the designs by jamming a piece of cardboard in potentiometer knob...
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