Electric Vehicle Survey Australia

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Electric Vehicle Survey Australia

Post by Pilcher »

Hi All, I'm conducting a research report for electric vehicles in Australia, and have created a quick survey. If you have a spare 2 minutes, your feedback would be really valued.

Look forward to sharing the results with you!

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Re: Electric Vehicle Survey Australia

Post by poprock »

Survey monkey is a commercial firm. They also conducted a survey for an over 55,s village near our house. It was skewed positively whereas my own personto person contact survey in the neighbourhood indicated strong opposition. The information you volunteer can be slanted for a preferred result.
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Re: Electric Vehicle Survey Australia

Post by mikedufty »

Survey Monkey don't conduct surveys, it's a platform for people to create online surveys, so if the information was slanted I would look to the people conducting the survey, not survey monkey, and I'm sure it is not the same people as this Chris (Pilcher), although I know nothing about him (1 post). Maybe he/she should tell us more if wanting a good response?
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Re: Electric Vehicle Survey Australia

Post by boars »

Yup it's just a survey platform.

A developer will definitely push a survey to get a positive result for their questions, they'll probably even submit more than a few fake anonymous submissions.
Ethics? Developer? Hrmn.

There's an art to wording your questions, you want (sometimes) to get meaningful results with good information you require but also not shape the questions in a way that pushes users toward certain responses. Assuming you're not trying to push an agenda.

Then there's audience selection. An electric car questionnaire for members of an Electric vehicle association isn't going to get what I'd consider a balanced response of general community sentiment - but then he's probably spamming the link on multiple vehicle forums (hence 1 post).

Although google suggests it's only linked from here - so maybe not that balanced afterall.

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