guidelines for public EV charging

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guidelines for public EV charging

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I've been contacted by a large shopping centre that is interested in installing some EV chargers when they renovate. They saw the EV display that I organised at the WED Festival at Maroochydore in June.

I'm thinking that I have seen some guidelines somewhere for businesses considering installing EV charging (e.g. don't put them in prime spots that will be ICED), possibly on this site.

Can anyone point me to any useful info? Also, are there companies other than Chargepoint offering commercial Level 2 chargers in Australia, suitable for a public setting?

I just want to be as helpful as possible, with accurate info.

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guidelines for public EV charging

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Hi Liz, what's your email address - I'll send you a bunch of AEVA material which will help.

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guidelines for public EV charging

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The issues around public charging spots was discussed here in the following thread.


Hope it helps.
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guidelines for public EV charging

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Hi All - The Vic EV Trial produced a document titled "Guidance on land-use Planning for Electric Vehicle Parking and Charging". If you cant find it on the Web let me know as I have it saved locally.
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guidelines for public EV charging

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This the document you're referring to? ... on-PDF.pdf

Postscript: The above link is actually broken!

I found the link here: ... e-903.aspx (near the bottom of the page) but searching for this document on the Vic Transport website it supposedly lives on turns up nothing. Mysterious!
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