Mazda's dinosaur declaration

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Mazda's dinosaur declaration

Post by weber »

In the November 2016 issue of Mazda's glossy 'Zoom Zoom' magazine, we find the following text accompanying some "arty" photos of a piston and conrod, a crankshaft and an exhaust manifold.

It begins "While other automotive manufacturers pursue electric and hybrid technologies, Mazda has continued on its own path, crafting lightweight SKYACTIV engines that utilise the most advanced engineering to increase torque, lower emissions and improve fuel economy."


What they are really saying is: "We at Mazda have decided to go the way of the dinosaur, to become the "Kodak" of the automotive industry. We are determined to squeeze the last drop out of the fossil fuel economy and actively f!@# up the sky with our engines' emissions for as long as possible.


Yes, I added the text to the above image. Mazda aren't quite that brazen. :-)

James Kennedy of Tritium, in his talk at the recent Brisbane AEVA meeting, told us that many car manufacturers, including General Motors, have realised that affordable pure EVs with a range of 300 km and a 10 minute recharge are within reach. And quipped:

"So why would they even bother with hybrids, when they can avoid all the complexity of an internal combustion engine and the need to fake its emissions test results". Image
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Mazda's dinosaur declaration

Post by Richo »

weber wrote:actively f!@# up the sky with our engines

Hence Skyactiv Image

I like it when they promo'd the supercap.
That was a complete waste of time.
Gimmicky crap.

While petrol is cost effective it will continue to be sucked out of the ground and be used.
Why would someone stop eating cake?

So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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Mazda's dinosaur declaration

Post by Johny »

I think I'd like to get a pretty metallic blue:
"BlueSkyMotionActivEarthDreams" badge for my car.
Somehow I'm sure that would make it go further on a charge...
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Mazda's dinosaur declaration

Post by Rusdy »

Good marketing though. There are lots of people out there simply love mechanical things instead. Mazda should've call it 'DinoBluArt' Image
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Mazda's dinosaur declaration

Post by reecho »

One of the first conversions online I saw was a

Mazda 2

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