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photos, EV display Noosaville

Posted: Wed, 23 Sep 2015, 04:58
by EmpowerRepower
It has taken me over a week to sort the photos, but it was a great day. A total of 541 people came by to see the house and the cars, and there were twelve cars in all, though they came and went. We were there for the whole day, as people kept coming along for a look and a chat. BMW Metro brought along an i3, and it was surrounded by interested people the whole time, and Nathan the sales guy was kept very busy. Getting to see seven Tesla Model S cars in one place was also exciting, and they'd come from as far away as the Gold Coast.

Just like with the WED festival, I wish I'd found time to take more photos. The house was also amazing, with beautiful spaces but lots of clever eco-features as well. Joe, the owner, had organised a trail around the outside of the house with a collection of signs, very well done.
car photos

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