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EV Survey Large number of ev owners

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EV Survey Large number of ev owners

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2014 Survey showing number of EV miles "desired " versus actual, by brand.

Previous rounds of the CSE survey consisted largely of all-electric Nissan Leaf drivers. This is the first time drivers of multiple vehicle types have participated: 57% Leaf, 17% Chevrolet Volt and 22% Toyota Prius Plug-in.

Highlights from the survey include:

1.   The primary motivations for vehicle purchase vary significantly between models – Leaf drivers claimed environment as the primary motivator, Plug-in Prius owners indicate HOV lane access and Volt drivers said fuel savings.
2. Chevy Volt-driving respondents are more than four times as likely to have a level 2 charging station installed at their home than Toyota Prius Plug-In respondents.
3.   Workplace charging availability is becoming more widespread, 46% of respondents reported access to workplace charging, an increase of 14% from March 2012.
4.   Of those with access to workplace charging, 74% have access to this charging at no cost to the driver, down from 89% in March 2012.
5. Though low, driver satisfaction with public charging infrastructure continues to improve, rising from 17% in March 2012 to 29% in May 2013.
6. HOV lane access was an extremely or a very important purchase motivation for 59% of respondents; 84% are displaying the HOV lane access sticker. -Althugh this is a US survey, through lane peak hour access for metro australian cities may in future be a factor in Australian BEV and PHEV ownership uptake rates.

The link to the detail?

EV survey 2013-2014 highlights approx 4000 respondents


Interesting actual facts... what do you think?
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