Range 1000 mi, IF you stop every 200 mi for Water!

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Range 1000 mi, IF you stop every 200 mi for Water!

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Go for 1000 miles (sic), but stop every 200 mi for H2O:

+ http://tech.slashdot.org/story/13/04/23 ... -batteries

"Will Future Tesla Cars Use Metal-Air Batteries?

.. 2013.04.24 .. from the powered-by-the-tears-of-oil-execs dept.
thecarchik writes:

"Most advocates & industry analysts expect lithium-ion batteries to dominate electric-car energy storage for the rest of this decade.

But is Tesla Motors planning to add a new type of battery to increase the range of its electric cars? Tesla has filed for 8 separate patents on uses of metal-air battery technology (for example, #20120041625).

The metals covered for use in the metal-air battery are aluminum, iron, lithium, magnesium, vanadium, & zinc. Metal-air batteries, which slowly consume their anodes to give off energy, hit the news last month when Israeli startup Phinergy demonstrated its prototype battery & let reporters drive a test vehicle fitted with the energy-storage device.

Mounted in a subcompact demonstration car, Phinergy's aluminum-air battery provides 1,000 miles of range, it said, & requires refills of distilled water (which acts as electrolyte in the cells) about every 200 miles."
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Range 1000 mi, IF you stop every 200 mi for Water!

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The discussion on the slashdot.org site reminds us that: despite the many battery chemistries, converting one to sustainable cradle to grave concious, long life, low cost, user safe etc. is the challenge.
I think we are still looking at lithium for a while.

At this stage in EVs I'd settle for a battery with 1000km range, 100kg weight, 10 years life, <$2,000 cost, crash and abuse safe and totally recyclable. (there will be some vested interests who will hate that)

We are probably not a factor of 10 off any of that right now.... then I can shift the goal posts ! Image
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Range 1000 mi, IF you stop every 200 mi for Water!

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Sounds great! Until you realize it can't be recharged.

The energy used to produce Aluminium from ore is one thing, but surely those "plates" could be made from recycled soda cans and the like. Used as a range extender with a "real" battery pack, it might be viable. It still doesn't make the EV usable for road trips though.
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Range 1000 mi, IF you stop every 200 mi for Water!

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Sounds like a steam train!
This was about the regime with coal and water!
- all those towns across the Nullarbor (Rawlinna, Cook, Forrest etc) were for watering the trains.
It's not the end of the world, but I can see it from here.
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