RMS certification costs.

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Greg partridge
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RMS certification costs.

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How expensive have members found the compliance certification for RMS (RTA). I am already been prepared by my certifier that it will be a expensive process.
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RMS certification costs.

Post by Johny »

Not really enough information Greg but if you are talking about just the change from petrol to electric, not registration etc., then the main cost is the engineer. I would expect about $1000 if all goes well.
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RMS certification costs.

Post by gholm »

My engineer charged $1200, but it was a rush job owing to the pending changes to the RTA certifying process.
I wanted mine certified before the certifying authority was disbanded so I needed it quickly. He kindly offered to work over a weekend to meet that deadline and so I was happy to pay a bit extra.

Rushed deadlines aside, and assuming you've done everything as legally required, then all the engineer has to do is inspect, fill out paperwork and signature. I imagine $1000 would be fair enough for that.

However it will depend on how much structural modification you've made to your vehicle. My conversion had zero modification to chassis, and I only bolted on stuff, fixing it all to existing hardpoints.

Any chassis cuts or welds need super-extra care in calculation, and therefore harder for the engineer to say "Yep, its' safe"
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RMS certification costs.

Post by IVI »

The advice we've been hearing... on HOW TO REDUCE ENGINEER's FEES is:

Get them in EARLY.

Throwing huge numbers around, without knowing more about each case isn't helpful.

I seem to recall a cost of $160 (or under $200), supplied by someone who also told me that he had the engineer in long before beginning the process.

PS I'd say that law's should be changed to allow folks to TRAIN (in a short, EV-specific course) to do their own engineering & road-worthiness acceptance.

Too much baggage from fossil-fueled vehicles' past institutions has done way too much to slow the arrival of EVs in Australia.

Contrast with forward-thinking gov'ts like Denmark's, which have taxed the "bad guys" (ie, fossil-fueled vehicles), just as Japan has done - for yonks - to get old (more highly polluting) cars off the road, by taxing them.

At least -early- EVs will come into Danes' hands tax-free.

"Tax the toxin-sources FFV's, & offer tax-relief to the toxin-free EVs" seems a better approach, and it's -our- duty to push governments to adopt & act consistently with that approach, soon.

Don't -settle- for laws & regulations from the Past. Tell 'em what you expect & vote 'em out if they don't deliver.
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