Options for importing EVs...?

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Options for importing EVs...?

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Someone mentioned having imported a particular model of Prius...
although he said finding it "impossible" to get a spare key
(I suspect he was given the run-around by his Toyota dealer,
happy to sacrifice good service for the chance to "slap"
someone who didn't buy locally.

(Assuming there are folks who bring their cars with them (eg, new migrants & some tourists, with specially-adapted vehicles, eg, full of disability aide, radios, etc.:

+ I trust Toyota -doesn't- leave tourists "high & dry" like that, eg, after their key goes missing at the beach or their car is stolen and only the car (but not the key) is found, later.)

Still, that guy must have seen a big cost-difference between the overseas Prius vs local ones, even after adding-in freight, etc.


So, now that someone has finally opened the IYO (Import Your Own) 'can of worms" (read: globalisation), I'd suggest that importing is yet another way to support & advance the cause of showing that EVs work, to an Australian market of sceptics.

A few questions arise:

1. How much does it cost to import an EV? (from where?)

2. Which makes / models are most advantageous to look for?

3. From where (eg, near AU) does is it "best" to import from? (eg, HI, USA, Japan (5 year old Prius? Isn' it too old to register there?)

4. What to look out for? What to insist on? ...along the way

5. Are there any problems with an "Imported EV" (IEV) here? Eg, English vs Metric parts/tools required? our friend's key copying problem? the need to change-over the steering-wheel? any problems registering one? Tax & duty charges? Does Toyota install new batteries into imported Priuses? Any issues with other part differences?

Has anyone in the know done a same cost analysis, that they can share?

Anybody want to tell us how it went & how it's going now?


I normally -like- & even -promote- BetterPlace cars when I can (NOT for money, but I'm open to opportunity, eg, if they ever need a copy-writer, etc.)...

but I suspect that it would be nearly impossible to charge one of their cars, ie, without one of the -their- "smart" chargers or swap-stations.

Now, a "smart" Aussie gov't would -insist- that charging would have an Open Sourced interface, to enable would-be "back-yard rechargers" to use their "dumb" charges or just plug-in 240 volts AC, in some simple way.

(As most owners of DIY or (I presume) even commertially converted EVs will find out, the electricity they [buy &] use can well be more costly, if they just drive-in, plug-in & re-charge, say, overnight... unless & until they have "smart" power-plugs to plug into, in [distant] future, unless they've just moved into a newly developed area, with all these "bells & whistles" for saving $$$ on electricity, etc.)

BetterPlace's [proprietary] charging power-points are reportedly controlled from Israel (today; this may change), to minimise energy costs, and try to charge your EV, based on your average usage.

(God help you, eg, if you have to race a seriously ill child off to a distant hospital at midnight, eg, after 4 hours of high electricity cost, on a really HOT day, after air-con's have kept that cost high, all night...)

More problems to solve... there will always be new problems to solve...
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Options for importing EVs...?

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Options for importing EVs...?

Post by Andrew »

Perhaps the reason for importing is they wanted the JDM Prius.
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