PAPER Battery

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PAPER Battery

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Have a look at this ... a carbon nanotube ink you can paint on paper to form a battery.

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PAPER Battery

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there are an apparent infinite uses for carbon nano tubes, and these uses seem to grow daily, i watched a program the other day that claimed by bonding carbon nano tubes we have the potential to build elevators that will carry us into space...
the issue with carbon nano tubes is the difficulty in creating them, it's a long process that has not yet been automated or mass manufactured to make any of their uses commercially viable.
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PAPER Battery

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All carbon -- definitely made of the right stuff.

My reading on these devices indicates that it is possible store about as much energy as lithium Ion batteries do, but this may be some way in the future.

Even if high energy density isn't realised, a carbon-based battery that can be charged and discharged up to millions of times would be very useful in a renewable world.

There is also a spinoff from MIT working on at CNT battery for hybrid vehicles. Apparently they have recently released first generation products for evaluation.

see FastCap Systems here
Unfortunately light on for details.
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