Battronic delivery van

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Battronic delivery van

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A mate was telling me this morning about a Battronic Van which may be for sale in country Vic. I did a bit of googling while trying to look after my 2 hypo sons but I couldn't find much info about the Battronic Van. I so wanted to have a look but when we arrived at the address no one was about.
Has anyone ever heard of them? It is about a mid 70's elec van used by the US postal service.

While I'm on the subject of odd EV's last weekend I went to the Maffra car museum and there was a guy with a 1916 Detroit Elec car there. it was a great looking machine, the owner has recently upgraded to Thundersky's which give him a range of 100-150 miles but the old car only does about 40mph.
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Battronic delivery van

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moemoke wrote: ... give him a range of 100-150 miles but the old car only does about 40mph.

Heh, that's one way to get good range... convert and old classic that doesn't have a high top speed   Image
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