New EV business

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New EV business

Post by moemoke »

Has anyone seen or heard of this company before, seems like a well
thought out propersition and a good website.
I haven't had a good look at the site yet but seems to offer franchise & training etc in EV conversion.
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New EV business

Post by woody »

Les Puklowski has converted about 120 cars, so they easily have more experience than anyone else in Australia...
Both he and Malcolm Faed I have met through the AEVA and are very competent.
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New EV business

Post by a4x4kiwi »

Hi moemoke,

Eve MG is something Les, myself and Michael have put together. As with other converters, there are quite a few inquiries but the price puts most people off quite quickly. We just need petrol to hit 2$ a liter again.

See also for something else we are working on.
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