AEVA Organised Drives

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AEVA Organised Drives

Post by smithy2167 »

Since joining this organisation, I have been surprised that, unlike every other car club of which I've been a member, the AEVA does not have regular organised drives.

It seems a no brainer to me that the opportunity to compare vehicles, try out charge points with expert (?) assistance and to just generally enjoy your vehicle should be a great attraction. Even ICE'd vehicles could be allowed to participate to demonstrate to them the joys of owning an EV.

For example, for me in Melbourne, it could be a half-day run starting from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, up through the hills to the north-east to RACV Healesville for a recharge/coffee/lunch stop. Then a return run through the Dandenongs to finish things. (Obviously in our current lockdown, this isn't possible. Let's hope this isn't a long term situation!)

What do others think about this?

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Re: AEVA Organised Drives

Post by jonescg »

Other branches organize regular drive days, NSW, QLD in particular. Just need to raise it with the branch and get one happening!
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Re: AEVA Organised Drives

Post by navydiver »

Great idea. Watching with interest. Not sure how dozens of EVs trying to recharge at the two chargefox spots would work for those who might need to get back :)
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