VIC to introduce EV and PHEV road tax

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Re: VIC to introduce EV and PHEV road tax

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OzSpider wrote: Sat, 29 May 2021, 06:32 To any Victorians out there, pack your bags and head north...
Nooooo! At least, not to Brisbane, the traffic is bad enough already! :?

I suspect strong pressure from somewhere, but note that Victoria has the only incentives for buying new EVs, and has one of the best rollouts of rural charging infrastructure in Australia. So they're not terrible, just confused. Or trying to please conflicting lobby groups.
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Re: VIC to introduce EV and PHEV road tax

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All my colleges said I was stupid buying an electric car. I guess they were right.

I thought DELWP were only good at starting bushfires.

I can only charge at 7 kW when the sun is shining anyway. Since they fixed my 262 volt problem I now only have 205 volts ( at the meter) when charging at 32 amps ( so I don't). Instead of having two 15 kW houses running on one 10 kW transformer, we now have two 15 kW house running on one 25 kW transformer but at least the solar inverter will run now.
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Re: VIC to introduce EV and PHEV road tax

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The $250 for 10,000kms is just a tester. Watch it go up in multiples over the next 10 years. Justification will be every time a petrol car is replaced by a zero-emissions vehicle, they lost $850 per year.
Bet the liberals won't reverse this tax if they ever get back in power, which is highly unlikely with John Setka running the place.
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