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by neilg
Wed, 01 Jul 2015, 05:44
Forum: Batteries, charging, management and monitoring
Topic: Weber & Coulomb's LyteFyba BMS
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Weber & Coulomb's LyteFyba BMS

The reverse current of the LED maybe similar to the leakage of the LM334 and keep the LED to <6v but I would err on the side of safety and put a reverse protection diode in. You wouldn't want it failing!

by neilg
Tue, 30 Jun 2015, 05:58
Forum: Batteries, charging, management and monitoring
Topic: Weber & Coulomb's LyteFyba BMS
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Weber & Coulomb's LyteFyba BMS

With respect to the low cost RS232 - can the Lm334 in series with the Opto LED take -25 volts? I believe most LEDs have a reverse voltage of about 5v. (haven't checked the specs of the EL3H7 or reverse charastics of the LM334). With the relay drivers you could just use a Clare CPC1002 SSR - 2mA LED,...
by neilg
Mon, 23 Feb 2015, 07:14
Forum: Mitsubishi
Topic: Charging cable has died!!!
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Charging cable has died!!!

I do believe that you are NOT supposed to solder the wires before making the connection because the solder can deform over time, resulting in a loose connection and overheating.
Strange though that the unsoldered lead was the one that failed!

by neilg
Sun, 11 Jan 2015, 00:58
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Topic: PIP-4048MS and PIP-5048MS inverters
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PIP-4048MS inverter

"That problem I mentioned: When you hit the big red stop button ..."

Can I suggest a simple solution: A 12v plugpack running directly off the genset output - battery connected or genset running = 12v!

by neilg
Sun, 10 Aug 2014, 04:51
Forum: Batteries, charging, management and monitoring
Topic: gEDA PCB queries
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gEDA PCB queries

Hi jonescg If you have drawn a schematic the then gEDA PCB should be able to do a Design Rules Check which will verify that all connections have been made, there are no cross connections between components and finally that there is adequate clearance between components and tracks etc. A tip for manu...
by neilg
Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 05:07
Forum: Mitsubishi
Topic: sun screen
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sun screen

Years ago I used a simple piece of reflector backed curtain material (lasted for years and was cheap) which went over the whole screen and a bit of the roof and into the door openings. Doors held it taught.
Hop in, pop pgr door and pull into the cabin but watch out it could be HOT.
by neilg
Sun, 10 Nov 2013, 06:27
Forum: Nissan
Topic: Portable generator
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Portable generator

This is the RAC generator taken at the Electrokhana this year.
Unfortunately you can't see the ICE details.


by neilg
Sun, 09 Jun 2013, 06:14
Forum: Members Machines
Topic: Weber and Coulomb's MX-5
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Weber and Coulomb's MX-5

Coulomb Had a look at the Motor speed controller and found the following issues. 1. There is no ground connection on the chip. 2. The cct diagram could be confusing by using the ^ to mean +~11v and it being upside down to mean GND - suggest using +11 instead of ^. 3. Are you sure the +~11 connects t...
by neilg
Fri, 24 May 2013, 07:00
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Topic: StudentEV's Daihatsu Conversion
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StudentEV's Daihatsu Conversion

Had a quick look on ebay and found the following NiMH charger. [url=mailto:]BA6c 80w PRO Charger[/url] It is: Mains ...
by neilg
Thu, 04 Apr 2013, 05:13
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: Electric skateboard
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Electric skateboard

TED has a 4 minute episode on a group of guys who took electric aircraft parts and motorized a skateboard with a hand control. ... boost.html

by neilg
Tue, 12 Mar 2013, 05:49
Forum: AEVA WA Branch
Topic: Electrikhana 2013!
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Electrikhana 2013!

I have about 70 photos of the day (mostly the same as those on Coulomb Racing's Facebook page) but I do have an early one of the crowd and vehicles, the UWA Lotus and one for you Ian, on the second loop when you just broke away the back end. Now I have the EV grin
by neilg
Wed, 06 Mar 2013, 05:25
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Topic: Johny's Electric Vogue
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Johny's Electric Vogue

Been following your build for ages and really appreciate your attention to detail. As to the vibration, have you considered out of round drums or bent half shafts or even binding crown & pinion. The rotating mass is now much less than before which may make any previous vibration more noticeable. You...
by neilg
Wed, 23 Jan 2013, 06:34
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Topic: Forum Software Upgrade
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Forum Software Upgrade

On the 17/1/13 I cleared some of my browser's (Firefox) history and since then the 'New Posts' function doesn't set the 'Show Topics' to my last access date and time (like it used to) but gives me 'yesterday' - Note that I don't normally log in. I tried ...