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by brandon_costa
Fri, 28 Jan 2011, 12:44
Forum: General EV Discussion
Topic: Fuji variable speed drive any good?
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Fuji variable speed drive any good?

I'm using a Hitachi SJ300-550LFU . I got this barely used drive for a really good price. I believe Hitachi doesn't manufacture this drive anymore, but some websites still show it as available. When I called Hitachi for tech support they mentioned that it's been obsolete for a while. So far it's been...
by brandon_costa
Sat, 22 Jan 2011, 15:10
Forum: Electric motors and controllers
Topic: Regen braking bridge rectifiers
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Regen braking bridge rectifiers

Well here are the exact Fuji's used in the Danfoss VLT5042 !! These are used to 97.5A total motor current for 60 seconds. Does FUJI still manufacture GE VFDs? I'm having...