Nissan Leaf Battery Flattening Test

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Nissan Leaf Battery Flattening Test

Post by 4Springs »

Has anyone had their Nissan dealer recommend that they flatten their battery on a routine basis?
A member has had this advice, that he should run the car almost flat, then turn on the heater flat-out until the car completely dies. Then charge it up again, and repeat a couple of times over the following week.

Does this sound like a thing? Or just a dealer hearing something somewhere and applying it to a Leaf?

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Re: Nissan Leaf Battery Flattening Test

Post by jonescg »

I think it's worth doing but only to gauge capacity loss over time. Perhaps not turtle the thing...
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Re: Nissan Leaf Battery Flattening Test

Post by doggy »

Given the nature of Li batteries, I would have thought this would be a bad thing to do on a regular basis.
Maybe very,very rarely to see the State of Health (SOH).

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Re: Nissan Leaf Battery Flattening Test

Post by Rusdy »

My dealer didn't give that advise.

Although I did notice my SoH increased very, very slightly (around 1%) when I did test to flat, but it quickly revert to normal. See the spike in Feb early this year on mine (ignore other spikes):

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