Model 3 Pack Size

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Model 3 Pack Size

Post by photomac »

There are conflicting reports about the actual capacity of of the TM3 packs.
For the SR+ ( all I can hope to afford ) it is from 55 to 64 kWh with a "common" expression of 62kWh.
It might be that the pack is 62kWh but software "limited" to 55kWh for "longevity". Certainly I think it safe to assume 4-6kWh is a no go zone from my experience with LEAFv1 & v2 and the Mitsi PHEV.
This video kinda supports that theory. ... ange-test/

Impressive that at an average speed of 70mph ( 112kph ) the consumption was 15.6kWh/100km with AirCon on.
The return was less but the day would have warmed up.

Statistics :
USA Colorado drive ( looks similar terrain for Perth to Busselton )
Set speed 78mph ( 125kph )
Ave speed 70mph ( 112kph )
AC On - 13C Ext and 20C Int
Distance 140miles ( 225km )
SOC - Started with 95%, Consumed 35kWh, Finished with 28%
Yielding 15.6kWh/100km
(248Wh/mile=248Wh/1.6km = 156Wh/km )
If 35kWh was from 67%SOC (95- 28) then 52.25kWh is 100% SOC
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Re: Model 3 Pack Size

Post by jonescg »

Pretty sure the pack sizes were ~52 kWh and ~75 kWh.
The long range car has 4416 cells as 96s46p. The cells are about 4.6 Ah each, so that checks out.
The 'standard' range (nobody would ever say short) is 96s31p, giving about 52 kWh.
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