Elon stands down

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Elon stands down

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Unfortunately it looks like Elon has tweeted himself into some serious trouble this time...

https://www.carthrottle.com/post/elon-m ... stigation/

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Re: Elon stands down

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Me thinks Elon Musk is no fool and this is all a ploy to generate funds first to then crash the share price. He can then in fact buy up the shares and privatise as he had said he would do. Once he owns the shares he doesn't really care about what anyone thinks, that won't change the value of his shares and he gets all the dividends from any money his company makes. The $20 won't come out of his pocket, it will come out of shareholders dividends and that will drive the share price even lower.

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Re: Elon stands down

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But I thought the problem was he got sick of ppl complaining about it not making any money.
Why would he buy more shares in something that isn't making money?
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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