Telstra 2G shutdown

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Telstra 2G shutdown

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I have had notice that Telstra is closing the 2G service in December. I am led to understand that the Nissan Leaf uses the 2G service to communicate with the car, so I have send an email to Nissan asking them what the situation is and what is proposed to resolve this if Nissan Leaf is affected.
My car is still under warranty when this change takes place, and the ability to communicate with the car remotely was a selling point, so I am hoping there will be positive action in regards to this from Nissan.
I would expect this might be of interest to all Nissan Leaf owners, so spread the word and put some pressure on Nissan so we are not left with a less capable car if this change does affect us.
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Telstra 2G shutdown

Post by Chuq »

I'm interested to hear what they say as well. When this happened in the US, Nissan supplied dealers with 3G hardware to be installed in place the 2G one. I'd have no problem with paying parts and labour for this to be done.

Given the recent change from Carwings to NissanConnect you would think they wouldn't be shutting the whole thing down so soon.

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