CarWings SMS update?

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CarWings SMS update?

Post by KiegKhan »

Can anyone confirm if they can receive SMS updates from their Leaf, eg: when the car finishes charging it will send you an SMS?

Nissan Australia told me that they set it up for me a week ago, then yesterday they told me it does not work in Australia. That is a real pity, 4 years on and these features don't work? It would be hard to recommend a Leaf to prospective buyers if the features don't work.

On the plus side, I can tell the Leaf to start the A/C remotely using the NissanConnect EV app, check the SOC (#bars not %), etc, so the mobile phone connection in the Leaf is working.
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CarWings SMS update?

Post by reecho »

The Carwings service will stop in December as the 2G networks are switched off....

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CarWings SMS update?

Post by lesmando »

Like the CawWings app, this is all controlled from Japan. When Nissan Japan issue a replacement unit, then I guess Nissan Australia will do something.

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