Leaf - Licence plate # No Fuel

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Leaf - Licence plate # No Fuel

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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share with you regarding Nissan Leaf, I saw a car in Darwin which said No Fuel and looked up and it was a leaf. Who ever owns that car is laughing at everyone else on the road buying $1.70 litre for petrol lol.



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Leaf - Licence plate # No Fuel

Post by bladecar »


I like "No Fuel" and I think I might have looked at such a plate but decided that ev's do use fuel. Even Fred Flintstone's feet-powered jalopy used solar power, indirectly :)

Edit: Added apostrophe to "Flintstone"
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Leaf - Licence plate # No Fuel

Post by KiegKhan »

I like the idea of "NO FOOL", sort of a play on the no fuel but also a slur on the ICE drivers.
Leaf'n the ICE age behind

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