nissan e-NV200

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nissan e-NV200

Post by Gabz »

So we'll probably get these eventually they have tested in Australia with a test model ... melbourne/

UK pricing have it just higher than a LEAF

anyone likely to get one ? or convince your company it needs one.
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nissan e-NV200

Post by antiscab »

I might be able to convince a post contractor delivery contractor or two to try one - especially if it's offered on a lease.

hell, I might even buy one - vans are so useful
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nissan e-NV200

Post by Feng »

It'll be a tough sell at my work, we're based in Smithfield and driving out to the city with a full load of freight will probably burn through a third of the battery already. I like the idea but it's too limited for our use.

I still don't understand why they're not available with a rear row of seats. It would be a great peoplemover!
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nissan e-NV200

Post by Bryce »

I think that puts the kibosh on us doing any more van conversions then. Only did them as people could not buy any, so am quite happy to be overtaken - if rather over late! smileys/smiley32.gif Image

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