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Leaf Spy

Post by PlanB »

I got a bluetooth dongle to use with the Android LeafSpy app but it (the dongle) crashes my CAN when I plug it in (driver display reports an I-key issue & the range display blanks out). Anybody else tried these devices?

I'm struck by the irony of this since I went the LeafSpy route over some of the wire in displays as I thought it had the least potential to interfere with the car.

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Leaf Spy

Post by leighf »

I also bought a dongle which looks like yours. It didn't seem to work but it certainly didn't crash the CAN. From reading the forums there seems to be a large variation in quality of these cheap units from China.
I bought another dongle which looks like this which works fine with Leaf Spy app but I don't recall which eBay seller I bought it from. It was still a cheap one, certainly not $99.

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