Fully Charged 2nd Gen - Nissan Leaf Norway

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Fully Charged 2nd Gen - Nissan Leaf Norway

Post by g4qber »


100miles realistic range.
remote key FOB unlock
LED lighting in charge port
3x more efficient heater
integrated motor/charger moved to the front.

Norway 98% renewable power, hydro & wind, 2% import power from Europe in winter.

Hopefully the battery is better.
I wouldn't buy a LEAF unless they've upgraded their battery warranty to 5 years min.
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Fully Charged 2nd Gen - Nissan Leaf Norway

Post by cts_casemod »

Pretty hard to guarantee anything to 5 years, realistically.
Here in the UK they give you the option to rent the battery tough. So if it fails they are responsible. But it depends on the mileage. For some users it might end up being more expensive

I agree with the heater. I see no reason not to have "heat pump" heaters, specially when the car already has air con

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Fully Charged 2nd Gen - Nissan Leaf Norway

Post by reecho »

It's an each way bet if the Gen. II leafs come to OZ.

My local dealers don't know and would REALLY like to sell me a 2012 built gen 1.

Not sure if the $40k sticker price can be improved at all. It's been that price for 14 months...

Heat pump, 6.6kw charging, remote charge flap etc. make the Gen. II Leaf a better car for sure..

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