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Check out these Chinese AC controllers

Posted: Sat, 29 Dec 2012, 01:49
by peskanov
Well, everything comes with a price. We suspected the product was not mature, and certainly is real and looks well designed.
We don't care to do some "beta testing" for them for the money we are saving, but what the way they dealing with us is just ridiculous.
They even refuse to sell us pieces so we can repair the unit.

And here is another lesson learned:
-If you buy using paypal, test you product in the fist 45 days. We took 2 months to do proper testing and now paypal will not refund the money.

Check out these Chinese AC controllers

Posted: Sat, 29 Dec 2012, 13:56
by Johny
I'm sorry to hear how this is turning out. The papal timeline is often impossible to keep on complicated items such as this.

Check out these Chinese AC controllers

Posted: Sun, 24 Feb 2013, 02:58
by BigMouse
Johny wrote:
peskanov wrote:It would be nice to learn those values from an existing 4 pole, 4 kw motor similar to ours. That way we would know we are getting meaninful results from our testings.
The config utility I use for my industrial controller lists over 100 Lenze motors of various power. The params include everything you need (I think). If we pick one of those we should be able to scale the values for yours. At least we will get close.

I'll be back....

Johny, is that config utility available to the general public, or is it only for their existing customers? I'd love to have a look through some of the data on it, just to get some ball-park numbers.