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Hi all, just thought I would introduce myself, I am Mick from Newcastle and looking into EV... long time interest in EV and looking to do an interesting conversion.. no idea what platform yet...
I have played with model aircraft and drones for many years and moved from IC engines years ago including making our own brushless motors (rewinds) and controllers and the transition from NICAD to NiMH them lithium batteries.

I am thinking of converting a ride on mower first just for fun.. it has a 10hp IC engine on it now but it is tired and due for replacement..

I look forward to seeing what other projects are on here and any local in Newie..


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Re: G'day

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And G'day back Mick! Sorry about the slow reply: I rarely get to 'lounge'! (Been busy with EV events in Vic for last 5 or 6 weeks now!)

EV conversions are fun - just do your sums (EV conversions are around high 20's for a good DC conversion and low 30's for an AC - plus any body etc resto work for a classic). Spending less always bites you on the bum and you have to eventually spend that down the track anyway! (plus rework time & frustration for doing bits again). And be prepared for 1 - 2 years of part-time building. Process is very rewarding if you are a tinkerer, like you sound.

Any ideas as to an 'interesting' conversion? Lightweight and classic make a good pairing: beetle (maybe a convertible? Beetles have lots of dedicated conversion sites and kits available); Citroen Dyane? (Several members have converted these); Renault 5? (there was a crowd in the US doing them). Old beetle based kit car? There were a few fun ones of those.

As for an EV ride-on mower: bring it on. ('Silent but deadly'! To grass that is ...)

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