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Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 2012, 05:40
by YPPHMazda121
Hello everyone my name is Ben and i'm a new member of AEVA as of last week.

I'm a Electrician by day (Automation Machinery Vsd's Plc's etc.. , Not a housing guy) and have been reading the forums for a month or so and have finally made the plunge into acquiring the "Ev Grin".

I have a donor Mazda 121 bubble 96 model in excellent condition for $0.00 Aud (Thanks dad and his down sizing of his operation after retirement too many cars to keep) the only issue with the 121 is slight hail damage from that storm last year, easily fixed!, other than that its a nice drive.

I'm aiming to keep the clutch (in case anyone else drives it), but if it has to go meh, i have the ability to change gears without "Cleaning the teeth", a nice to have but not totally necessary.

The traction wiring and electrical side i think i'll have that covered fairly easy. i'm shooting for a 45 cell LiFe04 system

My only design specs are, to have the ability to hit 110km/hr and have a range of 100km or better, (Not 100km+ @ 110km/hr) :)

Some questions i have off the bat.

1. Motor ? which would suit me best, Warp9, impulse9, or Kostov K9
2. Controller ? I'm thinking ZEVA 600
3. Certifying Engineer ? Any suggestions for Engineers in Perth who are knowledgeable in EV's and have done this before, Any idea on costings ?.
4. LiFe04 ? Sky Energy or Thunder sky ? 100ah or 130ah?

I'll leave it at that for the moment, and look forward to meeting the EV community, and looking to see some other projects if possible.

If this all works out i'll have dads other 121 to convert also.


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Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 2012, 13:23
by Sheany
Hi Ben, welcome to AEVA.

I too am converting a Mazda 121, mine being an 88 model fun top. So far, I haven't come across anything difficult in my build, so there's no surprises for you coming up. The DA and DB series 121's share the same gearbox, so if you're after some guidance on the adapter plate, I have been kindly given a schematic for that by another member in Sydney.

Also, check out, you'll find there's a few 121's on there, it'll also give you an idea on what everyone else is using engine and controller-wise.

I've decided to go with an open source controller called Open Revolt, and I'll be using a Kostov K9. So far I've revived the brakes and put in the safety switches (charge door interlock, inertia switch etc...) so I'm just about to spend the big money Image

Good luck with your conversion!


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Posted: Thu, 23 Feb 2012, 20:47
by Richo
Hi Ben welcome to AEVA

It sounds like most of your stuff will be from eVworks.
Maybe speak to Rob there and he should be able to help answer your questions.

1. You will need to check the length East-west from the bellhousing to the other side of the engine bay to see if they will fit in.
2. Personal preference - ask evworks
3. Ask eV works
4. Depends on your pockets and driving style - basically get in as much as you can at the time

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Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2012, 02:47
by YPPHMazda121
Brad: Thanks Yes i would love to see the info on the adapter plate if possible.

Do you have a blog or pics some where so i could have a look at your progress ?

Richo : From memory measuring dads other 121 the bell housing to chasis rail is about 470mm (i could be wrong it was 2 weeks ago).

I did drop into EvWorks this week and pickup 2 contactors and a crash sensor, I had a quick chat with Tim but i was pressed for time as i was in the middle of some breakdown jobs and had my apprentice with me.

The pockets will support this project, and there is only one way to drive .... Flatout, i'm a commodore driver at present :), but yes i know i will have to modify my driving style to eek out the needed range.

Thanks guy's for the input.


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Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2012, 21:02
by jonescg
Can I suggest buying a big expensive but powerful AC motor from the UK... so it makes it a bit cheaper for me cause I want to buy one soon too! Image

Seriously though, great choice of car for the conversion - small light and zippy, and none of the electric windows / air conditioning / FM radio stuff you don't really need in a car Image

Hope to see you at the next meeting March 13.

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Posted: Fri, 24 Feb 2012, 21:03
by Richo
The Warp9 might be a squeeze(prob wont fit)
The impulse9 or Kostov should be ok.
Depends on the required thickness of the adaptor plate.
Kostov is more likely to fit as it's shorter.

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Posted: Sat, 25 Feb 2012, 00:07
by YPPHMazda121
Chris : I doubt i'd be buying any motors ex UK anytime soon :) , but i do send 3phase ac motors to the scrappers with some regularity when i remove machines from service, the motors are still ok just i don't need them hanging around my workshop collecting dust.

I might have 4 comming up soon in the next 2 months, specs below.

ABB Motors
N= G2313p0 052/002 motor 3 phase
50/50 hz   type MBT 132 MD 8-12
1.6/1.1 Kw 2.2/1.5 hp
710/440 rpm    CI=F
240-254/415-440v DY 10.8/6.3A
240-254/415-440v DY 9/5.2A
IP55 IEC 34.1
Temp rise class F
Aluminium Frame, foot mount not Flange mount

Thermal O/T break 150c
Thermal O/T reconnect 118c

Would be an excellent frame for a strip and rewind.

But this all depends if the client is going to remove themself or I have to remove them, If anyone is interested i'll try my best to put them aside, let me know the specs of a wish list and i'll keep it in mind.

I do get some other Cast Iron monsters but they might be to heave and bulky.

I do come across many Danfoss and Mitsubshi Drives but most are buggered if i'm looking at them or replacing them, most get scrapped and I keep the caps for another project <insert evil laugh>.