Where Did My Post Go? **Read this**

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Where Did My Post Go? **Read this**

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Item For Sale not appearing? Have you read this thread?
Was it in the right format?
Do you have over 30 posts for a 'For Sale' thread?
Are you selling something that isn't yours or isn't ethical?

Are you spamming? Trolling? Using bad language? Marketing? Harrassing? Questioning admin/moderators actions in public?

Admin will delete any posts that break these basic rules. Repeat offenders will be permabanned! We will not be sending PM's to let you know, nor should we be expected to.

If you have followed these basic rules and are still scratching your head, then please post a new thread in the Admin Notices section (in a nice way) and we will attend to your matter ASAP.

If you have any serious issues relating an Admin action, please send myself or a Moderator a PM.

Enjoy your time on the AEVA forums.

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