Hub motor swing arm

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Greg partridge
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Hub motor swing arm

Post by Greg partridge »

Can anyone recommend someone who can manufacture a swing arm for a hub motor for my Vespa conversion? I have had 1quote at $4000! Too much I think.

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Hub motor swing arm

Post by Faz »

That seems expensive.

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Hub motor swing arm

Post by Electrocycle »

Geoff at GT Tooling should be able to do that, depending on how you want it made.

He's on here as gttool
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Hub motor swing arm

Post by Salty9 »

Have you considered re-purposing a swing arm from a motorcycle?
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Hub motor swing arm

Post by Canberra32 »

Having done a lot of work for a performance engineer I can tell you that's a normal quote.
Remember if it brakes and you get injured the maker is liable legally. Insurance dose not come cheap.
If there is machining it's usually $100ph plus
What you need to ask yourself is do you really want to be riding around supported by a product of an on the cheap builder?
If you want it cheaper try saying can you build it cash and I was never here.

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