Vehicle to grid for Nissan

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Vehicle to grid for Nissan

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Charges gen 1 leaf at 6.6 kw via chademo

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Vehicle to grid for Nissan

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Old news but potentially a useful device. Is there a update ?

Mitsubishi also did the EV to grid thing via CHAdeMO a few years back.
However this Nissan box (that presumable would work with all CHAdeMO equipped EVs) has a reasonable future, depending on price. $8k in Oz ?
Mind you, if there is a blackout, you may be reluctant to use any EV battery at all !

Yes, charging at any kW via CHAdeMO connector (since it is just a port directly to battery pack with safety interlocks) is the way to go rather than fitting the EV with a larger AC charger. IMHO
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