Help to identify this motor?

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Help to identify this motor?

Post by BigMouse »

Does this motor look familiar to anyone, as far as make? It's a 132 frame, all aluminium (including end bells).


Also, for those of you who are handy with motor winding, can you tell by looking how many poles this motor has? Any idea what the power rating is? What are the star/delta voltages normally for a motor this size? Thoughts on current rating?

Considering getting this motor custom wound and doing some machining on the housing in order to install a water jacket for liquid cooling. I'd just like to get an idea of what I'm starting with.

There's no data plate or identifying marks anywhere on it.

I'm going to take the rotor to Uni today and ream out a hole in the NDE shaft for my encoder so I can test my controller on it in FOC mode, but I want to have an idea of what sort of currents to run it at.

Thanks in advance.
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Help to identify this motor?

Post by Richo »

The colour would suggest the old ABB stuff (AESA?)

36 slots grouped into 6?
Mmm connect to 3-phase and see how fast it spins Image
I'd guess 2-pole or 6-pole

either 400 or 415 in delta.

Power is very likely to be 5.5 or 7.5kW.
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Help to identify this motor?

Post by cts_casemod »

My motor is very similar to that one, if you want to post some dimensions I can check if it is the same.

Mine is a 7.5KW 4 Pole 415. Its one of those that can be changed to 208.Image
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Help to identify this motor?

Post by peskanov »

As a noobie rewinder, here is my opinion for what is worth.
I don't have my book of wiring schemes here, but I think its winded as a 4 pole. Each group of 3 slots share the same polarity; as there are 36 slots, 36/3=12 poles/ 3 phases=4 poles.

If you know the n. poles, the material of the motor (aluminium) and the weight, you will have a clue about it's power, as the weights are usually quite predictable.
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