WA EV servicing

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WA EV servicing

Post by antiscab » Sat, 23 Nov 2019, 13:02

Hi All,

I came across this in my travels through gumtree:
https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/melvill ... 1221073501

Not that there's much to service on an EV, things like brakes and fluid do eventually need to be checked (maybe every second year)

There's also EV SHop/EFI Autos up in Balcatta
2017 Renault zoe - 25'000km
2007 vectrix - 156'000km
1998 prius - needs Batt
1999 Prius - needs batt
2000 prius - has 200 x headway 38120 cells

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Re: WA EV servicing

Post by Rusdy » Sat, 23 Nov 2019, 13:08

2013+ ...

Sad :cry:

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Re: WA EV servicing

Post by brendon_m » Sat, 23 Nov 2019, 14:01

I've come a across that ad before and thought it was a good idea. They're not entirely correct in the training as I've done EV training, here in Perth even. But there's also better /more in depth courses available over East.
I guess I should put in a shameless plug for my work...

Autospark Rockingham 95271591.
4 Edison circuit, East Rockingham.

We are auto electricians so we mostly do diagnostics, wiring repairs, 4wd accessories, starters, alternators batteries etc and in that we also work on and service all EVs and hybrids.
We also do normal mechanical servicing (minor, logbook
etc) on cars and bikes.
We work on anything you want to pay us to work on, I've worked on cars, trucks, motorbikes, caravans, trailers, ebikes, golfcarts, gokarts, scooters, wheelchairs, skateboards, boats, ships, barges, terminal trucks, cranes, loaders, rollers excavators, haul packs, trains and planes, plant equipment, welders, compressors, conveyors, cherry pickers, the list is endless. The only method of transport I haven't worked on that I can think of are helicopters and rockets...

Fun fact the 'p' in helicopter should be silent because it's 'helico' as in round and round and 'pter' as in flying (like pterodactyl). So it's a helico-ter.

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Re: WA EV servicing

Post by jonescg » Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 10:23

Probably a French thing, they leave the p out of hospital too I think.
AEVA National Secretary, WA branch chair.

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